More Animation

Motion Ad’s Soda Can Truck Wrapping

Please click the videos below to view selected animations created by the one, and only, Donny Hirlinger.

This is an animated pitch for a product aimed at wrapping tanker trucks with realistic graphics mimicking a beverage can, and or various cylindrical products.
I am responsible for almost everything seen in the advertisement. Modeling, texturing, rigging, lighting, rendering, compositing, storyboarding, and script writing.
Motion Ad takes credit for the product itself.
Chris Allen
did the textures for the buildings/logo/certain graphics and helped with rigging and dynamic simulations.
Chris Brown is the narrator. The cars were bought/free from internet resources.


Sir Moves-Alot explains how to use Certified Top Movers

This is a Cartoon created and animated by Donny Hirlinger for Certified Top Movers.


 Robin Hood meets Little John

rh meets lg from donny hirlinger on Vimeo.